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Jeanine Green Fillmann, DDS

Craig Lods, DDS


 Dentures are removable appliances that are made to replace missing teeth. Not only can dentures enhance your smile, they can improve your overall health by aiding in chewing and speech. As you lose teeth, sometimes your cheeks appear to sag causing you to look older. Dentures can correct the sagging allowing your cheeks to resume their natural position making you look younger again. There are four types of dentures including conventional, immediate, partial, and overdenture.

Conventional dentures are indicated after all teeth have been removed and the tissue has properly healed. At this time we can begin the process of fabricating the dentures. At our office, you will have several appointments during the process of making your denture. This allows us to ensure that the fit is ideal and you are pleased with the results.

Immediate dentures are beneficial in allowing you to have replacement teeth immediately after having them removed. This process involves fitting your mouth for the dentures prior to removing the teeth. At the appointment when your teeth are removed, we will immediately deliver your new denture. Over the course of the next few weeks to months, your tissues will begin to heal and shrink. This will require your denture to be relined so that it will fit properly for you.

Partial Dentures are appliances that are made to replace missing teeth by connecting to your existing teeth. Partials can be made to connect to existing teeth by including different attachments and clasps.


Overdentures are complete dentures that have attachments that secure into a locking attachment in your mouth, held by either retained roots (usually canines) or implants. We will be happy to answer further questions for you about any of these appliances.

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